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Do you need impact or non-impact products?  Are you looking for products that stop burglars?


Are you interested in windows or doors that are Energy Efficient? Or that offer UV protection?  Are you looking for options that deliver noise reduction?


Do you need impact or non-impact products?  Are you looking for products that stop burglars?


Do you need impact or non-impact products?  Are you looking for products that stop burglars?


There are many styles, designs and configurations to choose from depending on the lifestyle, environment, location, functions & usage.  Consider each point in order to make the appropriate product selection.


Will window provide you with minimum clear opening size required by code?


Should windows hinge on right or left? Should window slide from right to left?  Are you looking for operable or fixed windows?


A building’s exterior elevation in many cases is complemented by a window’s configuration.  Are you looking for windows for a low-rise, mid-rise or high-rise?


A beautiful view can be compromised by unnecessary horizontal or vertical obstructions.


Will the window provide the most efficient use when furniture is in place?


A window located in close proximity to an operable door may interfere if window is hinged improperly.

Lawson Industries, Inc. manufactures premium grade windows and doors that are masterly crafted and designed for a lifetime. We offer a line of high-end non-impact windows and doors, for residential and commercial use.


Certain height windows may interfere with the beam or present sill height conflict.


There are many finishes, colors, designer shapes and styles to select from. Designer Shapes may range from octagons, ovals and circles; compare these options and their benefits so you can make a smart choice.

Lawson manufactures a wide variety of designer and custom-shaped framed windows, and we offer endless options of impact and non-impact doors in standard and custom sizes. Call one of our expert and preferred partners to discuss our available options.

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Our impact resistant line is thoroughly tested and engineered to exacting standards, with capabilities to stand up to a nine-pound 2×4 shot at 50 feet per second. Unlike hurricane panels or shutters, Lawson Hurricane Guard® windows and doors do not have to be installed each time a storm threatens. Instead, they stand guard day and night, rain or shine, for the life of your customers’ homes.

All of our products have statewide approval and are guaranteed tough. Every Lawson Hurricane Guard® product undergoes methodic testing; in fact, it is the most stringent testing available from any of today’s leading window manufacturers.

Our Impact Resistant Window line includes:

  • Single-Hung
  • Casement
  • Horizontal Rolling
  • Designer / Picture

Our Impact Resistant Door line includes:

  • Sliding Glass Doors
  • French Doors


Lawson Windows & Doors manufactures premium grade windows and doors that are masterly crafted and designed for a lifetime. We offer a line of high-end non-impact windows and doors, for residential and commercial use.
  • Operable or fixed windows
  • Multiple designer shapes including octagon, ovals and circles
  • Custom-shaped framed windows
  • Endless finish and color options for windows and doors
  • Other custom tailored options for windows and doors


Lawson Industries is committed to manufacturing products that will benefit neighborhoods and communities, and ultimately that will protect families from natural disasters, intruders and any other unexpected events that can cause serious property damages and affect loved ones.

Since 1960 we have been working with professionals in the construction industry including developers, builders, architects, designers and remodelers to list a few, to make our products available for commercial and residential constructions, in an effort to secure the living conditions of all residents.

Protecting families is our daily driving force, and each day we are committed to finding the best technologies, materials and strategies to deliver safe, durable, valuable and cost effective options for everyone.

From homes to high-rises, to commercial developments, municipal, institutional and governmental buildings, at Lawson we offer premium grade aluminum windows and doors that make a difference!

Increase property or home value

Deliver impact protection against hurricane & flying debris

Protect against forced entry including the ability to stop burglars

Reduce outside noise up to 34%

Increase energy efficiency by insulating & maintaining internal temperatures

Sun and UV protection by filtering out 99% of harmful UV rays, shielding carpets, drapes, furniture & paintings

Unmatched durability & strength

Leading technology, engineering & innovation in each product

Balance between aesthetics, function and performance


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If your concerns are quality and durability, at Lawson we have you covered.