We are proud of our people and of manufacturing our superior quality products in the USA!



Our company is strategically located in Florida, from where we can conveniently transport our products nationwide on time and cost effectively. We are equipped with a modern 330,000 square foot manufacturing plant, with endless production capabilities to fulfill small to large orders tailored around our customers’ needs, construction requirements, building codes and other specifications.


With our state of the art machinery and cutting edge technology, we build products that are:


Stronger, Safer and Smarter.


Our Load Cell, Bender and Leakage equipment allows us to conduct rigorous testing to evaluate structural strength, multiple bend options, and to simulate storm conditions to test our products for resistance, durability and optimum functioning.


As a result, builders and commercial developers among others select Lawson knowing of our record of positive past performance.  Our ability to manage vast projects sites and our material and manpower resource allows us to bring the job “home” on schedule.  Since 1960 this is what has and continues to set us apart.


At Lawson Industries, our mission is to manufacture the finest quality aluminum windows and doors, with no exceptions, no excuses. We are a privately held, actively involved family-managed company that prides itself on timely delivery with our own fleet of company-owned trucks. And we specialize in direct installed sales to local builders from our warehouses in Tampa, Miami, and Boynton Beach.


We are also equipped to deliver turnkey solutions and we provide our customers with a complete package – products, delivery and installation – all from one reliable source.


Lawson Industries has consistently evolved into nothing less than an experienced, reliable industry leader on the basis of performance, quality & service, and when we say built to last – we mean it!









In addition, our windows and doors are available in a variety of glass and frame colors, with multiple configurations, and in a wide array of styles and designs that exceed the most discerning tastes.


From concept, to design, to engineering, material selection, manufacturing to order fulfillment, everyone in our company is involved to carefully monitor a successful process, to ensure that our customers experience excellence in everything they receive including products and services.  This is why builders, commercial developers, homeowners and distributors have trusted us since 1960.

At Lawson Industries we are known for our leading technology, our unrivaled manufacturing practices, and mostly for our ability to fabricate beautiful, high-end, high impact resistant windows and doors tailored to your needs, and truly built to last.


Our design and engineering specialists pride themselves on product innovation and evolution, and we are constantly developing better, stronger and safer options that are easier to install and virtually maintenance free.


Some of our products feature an energy efficient removable sash, which makes them easier to install, and others filter out 99% of harmful UV rays, stop hurricane force destruction and reduce outside noise up to 34%. They are available in numerous materials that won’t rust, warp or absorb moisture, and that meet the most rigorous testing requirements of the South Florida Building Codes.


We offer a multitude of solutions depending on the particular applications, environmental conditions and building requirements that our customers need to meet, and as the oldest and largest window and door manufacturer in South Florida, we are equipped to fabricate custom tailored options that are superior in quality with many added values.

Quality, Service, Stability & the Best Value in Aluminum Windows & Doors, this is Lawson Industries!



From start to finish, every product made by Lawson has been designed, manufactured and tested, and every process developed, with one goal in mind: To provide a superior customer experience and windows and doors of the highest quality to every Lawson customer.


We achieve this by taking “quality control” to new levels. Our superior product performance criteria are based on high standards of code compliance, comprehensive product comparisons, and extensive on-site

product testing.


Each day we produce hundreds of products in our state of the art 330,000 square foot manufacturing facility, including an incredible selection of custom tailored windows and doors of the highest quality, made with superior materials, unrivaled craftsmanship at the most competitive pricing.

We serve industry leading builders, commercial developers, architects, distributors, dealers and ultimately homeowners who recognize the workmanship, and cutting edge engineering that goes into each of our windows and doors.

Since 1960 we have been catering customers that demand a high degree of customization coupled with unrivaled quality, industry insight and exceptional customer service.  They know that each member of our team takes window and door manufacturing very seriously, and that we are constantly setting the trends and standards through our innovative designs, energy efficient materials and our patented technology, which delivers the ultimate protection against forced entry, harsh weather conditions, noise reduction, UV, and meets large missile impact codes.

From aluminum single-hung, horizontal rolling, awning, designer and picture windows, to a full line of impact and non impact resistant doors in standard and custom sizes, Lawson proudly manufactures the best there is in the industry.

Whether you are looking for Impact or Non-Impact Window & Door Products

One thing remains clear - Lawson Delivers!



At Lawson Industries, Inc. our purpose is to bring aesthetically beautiful, secure and durable products to our customers above all.  Our company is a lot more than a manufacturer of windows and doors; we are an experienced team that has the opportunity to make a difference in people’s workplaces and homes by delivering superior products, innovation, and a world-class experience that continuously exceeds expectations.


Our Core Values are the driving force to do what is right, and to give it our best.  For over 60 years each member of our team has come to work knowing that everything we do must result in something exceptional, from the products we manufacture, to our customer support, we adhere to these values, and we plan on keeping them for many generations to come.


In addition, we strive to be a one-stop-shop for high style, premium quality products at competitive prices, that are reliable and that enrich our neighborhoods. We pursue excellence, and are devoted to continue finding advances in our industry to offer our customers the best solutions in response to their unique needs, requirements and specifications.

To understand and fulfill our customers’ needs.

To perform state of the art manufacturing with quality materials that will result in superior and safe products.

To set new industry standards in product design features and benefits.

To remain as pioneers and leaders in our industry.

To invest in our people, so together we can grow, improve and contribute to our communities.

To inspire our customers through quality and innovation.

To deliver as we promise.

To improve every single day.



Since 1960 Lawson Industries, Inc. prides itself on offering a full line of quality products including a wide variety of impact and non-impact windows and doors.  From La Porte French Doors, to Designer Windows, Sliding Glass Doors to Operable Windows, we carry endless options that will exceed the most discerning tastes.


Each product has been designed to install easily, perform effortlessly and seamlessly, and with the proper care and maintenance, to withstand harsh weather conditions and the test of time.


The best proof that we stand behind the quality of the windows and doors that we manufacture is the fact that we are willing to warranty them against material or building defects and failures with normal use.


Below we have PDF documents that provide detailed information on our Warranty, please click on either of the following links to find answers to your specific questions:

For more information on how to better care and maintain your products, please visit the “Info Center” area of our website, where we have additional documents with tips, instructions and other helpful material that you can carefully review to ensure optimal functioning of your systems.


Still have questions?  As part of the extended value added services we offer, our knowledgeable engineers are only a phone call away and ready to assist you with any questions or concerns with regards to installation, care and maintenance of our products.  Contact us; we are happy to assist you.


Download - Limited Warranty (.pdf)

Download - Laminated Glass Warranty  (.pdf)

At Lawson we do more than just make exceptional products, we back it up with resources & more,

all in an effort to make your job easier!


At Lawson Industries, Inc. we are manufacturing leaders of premium quality impact and non-impact windows and doors. Equipped with an advanced manufacturing plant and over 300 employees, including experienced engineers and talented artisans who take pride in their craftsmanship and the quality of their work, we serve general contractors, distributors, architects and dealers among others, who come to us for superior products that are beautifully designed and masterfully constructed.


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